The Anatomy and Physiology Learning System ,4th Edition:

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The Anatomy and Physiology Learning System
The Anatomy and Physiology Learning System , 4th Edition
By Edith MS Applegate, MS
Mar 24, 2010 ISBN: 9781437703931
Suggested retail price $59.95

Also available as a eBook
on VitalSource

Who said learning A&P can't be fun? This popular text makes it easy for students to learn normal structure and function of the body, and summarizes the common disorders found in each body system. A clear, crisp writing style, hundreds of vibrant illustrations, and a wide array of engaging features simplify concepts. This edition includes a stronger emphasis on medical vocabulary, so students understand key terms before they learn anatomy. An Evolve companion website supports the book with a wealth of new learning opportunities. Even if your students have little or no background in science, they will learn the A&P they need to enter their careers!

  • 100 new high-quality illustrations help students visualize anatomical features and physiological processes.
  • Chapter summaries and vocabulary quizzes have been added to the end of each chapter.
  • New Building Your Medical Vocabulary section covers the history of medical words, giving students the building blocks to use and recognize new terms.

Educator Resources on Evolve

  • Answers to Learning Exercises
  • Image Collection
  • Instructor's Manual
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Quick Check Answer Key
  • Test Bank

Student Resources on Evolve

  • A & P Pioneers Box
  • Animation
  • Audio Glossary
  • Body Spectrum
  • Key Terms in Spanish

Other ISBNs:

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    ISBN: 9781455736539 Price:$59.95

  • Title:The Anatomy and Physiology Learning System - Pageburst E-Book on VitalSource
    ISBN: 9781437716313 Price:$59.95


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    ISBN: 9781437703955 Price:$83.95

  1. Introduction to the Human Body
  2. Chemistry, Matter, and Life
  3. Cell Structure and Function
  4. Tissues and Membranes                                                  
  5. Integumentary System
  6. Skeletal System
  7. Muscular System
  8. Nervous System
  9. Sensory System
  10. Endocrine System
  11. Cardiovascular System: The Heart
  12. Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels
  13. Cardiovascular System: Blood
  14. Lymphatic System and Body Defense
  15. Respiratory System
  16. Digestive System
  17. Metabolism and Nutrition
  18. Urinary System and Body Fluids
  19. Reproductive System
  20. Development

Answers for Quick Check Questions

Answers for Vocabulary Quizzes

Glossary of Clinical Terms and Disorders

Glossary of Word Parts

Glossary of Abbreviations

General Glossary