Basic Geriatric Nursing ,5th Edition:

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Basic Geriatric Nursing
Basic Geriatric Nursing , 5th Edition
By Gloria Hoffman Wold, RN, BSN, MS
Oct 15, 2011 ISBN: 9780323073998
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on VitalSource and Kno
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The bestselling LPN geriatric nursing textbook, Basic Geriatric Nursing covers age-appropriate nursing interventions in a variety of health care settings. It includes the theories and concepts of aging, covers expected physiologic and psychosocial changes, and highlights delegation, coordinated care, end-of-life care, patient teaching, quality of life, safety, and home care. This edition is updated with the latest issues and trends in geriatric nursing, including changes to the health care system and demographics. Part of the popular LPN Threads series, this easy-to-read text provides a clear and compassionate introduction to geriatric care.

  • Updated discussion of issues and trends includes demographic factors and economic, social, cultural, and family influences.
  • UNIQUE! Safety Alert! boxes highlight 2010-2011 Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals, with special consideration for polypharmacy and medication safety, communication and involving patients in their own health care, and infection, pneumonia, pressure ulcer, and fall prevention.
  • NEW and UNIQUE! Get Ready for the NCLEX® Examination! section at the end of each chapter includes key points along with new Review Questions for the NCLEX examination and critical thinking which may be used for individual, small group, or classroom review.
  • UNIQUE! Streamlined coverage of nutrition and fluid balance integrates these essential topics.
  • Complete coverage of key topics includes baby boomers and the impact of their aging on the health care system, therapeutic communication, cultural considerations, spiritual influences, evidence-based practice in geriatric nursing, and elder abuse, restraints, and ethical and legal issues in end-of-life care.
  • UNIQUE! Delegation, leadership, and management content is integrated throughout.
  • Nursing Process sections provide a framework for the discussion of the nursing care of the elderly patient as related to specific disorders.
  • UNIQUE! A FREE Study Guide in the back of the book reinforces understanding with scenario-based clinical activities and practice questions.
  • UNIQUE! Nursing interventions are numbered and grouped according to health care setting (e.g., acute care, extended care, home care), in a patient-centered approach emphasizing the unique needs of the older adult.
  • UNIQUE! Nursing Care Plans with critical thinking questions help in understanding how a care plan is developed, how to evaluate care of a patient, and how to apply knowledge to clinical scenarios.
  • UNIQUE! Critical Thinking boxes help students to assimilate and synthesize information.
  • Clinical Situation boxes present patient scenarios with lessons for appropriate nursing care and patient sensitivity.
  • Coordinated Care boxes address such topics as restraints, elder abuse, and end-of-life care as related to responsibilities of nursing assistants and other health care workers who are supervised by LPN/LVNs.
  • UNIQUE! Complementary and Alternative Therapies boxes address specific therapies commonly used by the geriatric population for health promotion and pain relief.
  • Cultural Considerations boxes encourage culturally sensitive care of older adults.
  • UNIQUE! Patient Teaching boxes highlight health promotion, disease prevention, and age-specific interventions.
  • UNIQUE! LPN Threads make learning easier, featuring an appropriate reading level, key terms with phonetic pronunciations and text page references, chapter objectives, special features boxes, and full-color art, photographs, and design.

Educator Resources on Evolve

  • UNIQUE! TEACH Instructor Resource with lesson plans and lecture outlines
  • 525-question test bank
  • Collection of all images from the textbook
  • NEW! Audience response system questions embedded within the PowerPoint slides
  • Suggestions for working with ESL students
  • Answer key for the in-text study guide

Student Resources on Evolve 

  • Over 50 video clips demonstrating physical assessment of the older adult
  • More than 60 ArchieMD animations depicting A&P and pathophysiology concepts
  • NEW! Answer guidelines to Nursing Care Plan critical thinking questions
  • NEW! Answers to review questions for the NCLEX® examination, including rationales and textbook page references
  • NEW! Spanish/English glossary with definitions and audio pronunciations
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Unit One: Overview of Aging

1. Trends and Issues

2. Theories of Aging

3. Physiologic Changes

Unit Two: Basic Skills

4. Health Promotion, Health Maintenance, and Home Health Considerations

5. Communicating with Older Adults

6. Maintaining Fluid Balance and Meeting Nutrition Needs

7. Medications and Older Adults

8. Health Assessment of Older Adults

9. Meeting Safety Needs of Older Adults

Unit Three: Psychosocial Care of the Elderly

10. Cognition and Perception

11. Self-Perception and Self-Concept

12. Roles and Relationships

13. Coping and Stress

14. Values and Beliefs

15. End-of-Life Care

16. Sexuality and Aging

Unit Four: Physical Care of the Elderly

17. Care of Aging Skin and Mucous Membranes

18. Elimination

19. Activity and Exercise

20. Sleep and Rest


Appendix A: Laboratory Values for Older Adults

Appendix B: The Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS)

Appendix C: Modified MyPyramid for Older Adults

Appendix D: Dietary Information for Older Adults

Appendix E: Resources for Older Adults

Bibliography and Reader References

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Study Guide